The Beach




'The Beach' project grew out of a fire-damaged site on Lambton Quay, Wellington.

The mural was to serve as a backdrop to a temporary public space in the heart of the

capital city's busy shopping and high-rise office district. The new park proved to be

very popular until...a ground floor, air ticketing office was built on the site for short

term use and obviously seemed more suitable for the public good. The mural's high

extremities overlooked this building and 3 years later was demolished. Respect? 


Gateway for Giants

'Gateway for giants' mural. Forest and Bird Protection Society.  Taranaki St, Wellington.

After living with art that re-energised the's great to see early stages of the journey.


Flaxbourne Mural


Flaxbourne mural. Ward, Marlborough.

Now a memorable landmark out in the open, along State Highway 1.

The way that the art adds a lively character to draw you in to this little building, reflects a major ingredient in the definition of Urban Art.

That is: To redress contemporary urban spaces with images that humanise inanimate surroundings. Yet we're not in the city.


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