30 years holding the torch.

In 1985 I introduced myself to a method of working with fire.

New wall painting in Nelson

This 75 second video shows a newly created wall painting in Nelson city.

Big Noise interrupted remix - music video

Featuring audio by ShortKut. Runs through a section of original track then into a remix. Video shows segments of performance by Side Show Bob show 2006.

Art by ambush

A short movie (3m, 40secs) about the artist installing temporary 'Roadside Art' on sheds and signs along rural highways: Art by surprise.

Blast from the past: 3 projects

Before and after shots of 3 past projects. I sat on the other side of the street, opposite the building. Sat a while, looking at it. Seeing what it is now and what it could be. A person came up and said, "I noticed you have been here a while, watching that building - why's that?". I switched my gaze to them and spoke the truth: "Been looking into the future".

Pyrotechnique - Drawing with fire - A movie

Artist demonstrates his method of using pyrotechnique to create works of art. Using a hand held gas cylinder blow torch he makes impressions on timber panels.